Education and Shelter Services




PARTNERS! offers a variety of workshops and training seminars for shelters and rescue organizations. These are just some of the training programs we can provide:


  • Establishing in-house training and enrichment programs for shelter dogs

  • Utilizing obedience training courses as a fundraising effort;

  • Implementing an easy-to-use, effective behavior assessment method

  • Implementing an effective fostering program

  • Information on behavior modification for minor behavior issues

  • Canine aggression and other handling safety issues


If there are other canine/sheltering issues you would like to have addressed, CALL US or CLICK HERE. If we cannot help you we will help you find someone who can.




Training and Behavior

Training and Behavior Counseling


Does your dog have issues?
Does your dog listen to you some of the time?
Do you wish you had a better bond with your dog?

PARTNERS! has had years of experience and thousands of successful outcomes to these and other doggie dilemmas:


  • Pulling on the leash

  • Jumping

  • House-soiling

  • Destructive behavior/chewing

  • Not coming when called

  • Play biting

  • Over-excitability

  • Will not stay

  • Excessive barking

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Excessive fear

  • Aggression, including dominance, possession, food and dog-to-dog


PARTNERS! offers behavior and training assistance throughout the Boone, NC, area. Training is positive-reinforcement based and teaches owners and dogs how to communicate effectively and understand each others’ “language”. Handlers receive instruction on critical skills needed to be good, responsible dog owners and caregivers and the dogs learn all of the basics from sitting quietly for petting to the formal recall. AND we all have fun doing it!


If you are having doggie dilemmas, PLEASE do not give up hope! Many behavior and training issues can be addressed in just one session! If you are interested in either personal or group training or private behavior assistance, please call us for scheduling information and rates.




All proceeds raised from our training and behavior sessions are used to get healthy, happy, homeless dogs and puppies to places where they will find great new forever homes!!





PARTNERS! Spay/Neuter Campaign

Join us with our Spay/Neuter Campaign!


We hope to reduce the euthanasia in our area by promoting spay/neuter in low income counties. To sponsor a billboard contact Melissa at Billboards range from $200-$500 a month and help us raise awareness on local highways.


Billboard are located in Wilkes and Watauga County.






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