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Please note separate email for adoption questions:


Our adoption fee is $250 which includes age appropriate vaccines. If the pup has not been spayed/neutered, Partners will reimburse $75 after proof of spay/neuter completion.


We require potential adopters to fill out an adoption application and be approved prior to meeting the dog. 


In order to be considered, peoples' current pets must be listed on the application, up to date on vaccines, heartworm prevention and altered. If pets are a good fit, adoption fee is expected at time of meeting the animal (we no longer allow "test drives" of our dogs). 


Once approved, we encourage you to bring your dog, family etc. to meet the pet in our foster homes.  The adoption coordinator will contact the prospective adopter to meet the pup.


Adopters are expected to cover future vet visits and keep pets up to date on heartworm/flea preventatives, and vaccines. 


*Note: Our rescue program saves hundreds of at risk dogs in high kill facilities and we do not receive the same discounts a typical animal shelter would for service. Typically the animals we save require a lot more care than a healthy dog or puppy would. Our adoption fee reflects what we have to spend at our rescue veterinarian’s office to get dogs healthy, and ready for adoption.


The fee is not negotiable and cannot be refunded after 30 days if pet is returned. We require that Partners! Canines receives the dog back if adoption does not work out at any point in a pets life.


Once owners have established they are an acceptable permanent home, we require a final adoption contract is submitted to finalize adoption. No adoptions are final until we receive a final contract and approve it. 

Dogs Up For Adoption
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Tigger 1 16 23.jpg


Meet Tigger!  Tigger is in foster at the moment and his foster moms were nice enough to write up a detailed assessment of what we know about Tigger and where he is currently.  Please see below.

If you are looking for a great dog that really needs you, Tigger could be your guy. Tigger needs a wonderful human or two to be his family. HE WOULD DO BETTER WITH CHILDREN OVER 10! He would also like another dog if his human(s) have one. FROM HIS FOSTER: He is a ball of energy who craves stimulation as well as both human and canine company. He gives so much love. He is small, cute, fun and funny. Tigger was a stray for the first 6 months of his life. We believe he was abused. He loves to cuddle. He turns on his back for tummy rubs. He will sleep in his kennel or on the bed with you. Tigger has met and taken treats from a hundred or more people of both sexes and a wide range of ages over the couple of months that he has in foster. In our early days he barked loudly at new people, sometimes more aggressively than I would have liked. People meeting Tigger initially had to place treats on the ground, then as he warmed up, he would take treats from the person's hands. He would progress to struggling with whether he wanted to go up to the person for attention or to give them a bark. Tigger tends to warm up to female humans more quickly than male humans, but once he is comfortable with a male he really seems to enjoy the male bonding. Tigger is smart. He is picking up on basic dog commands rather easily. When there are not too many distractions, he is really good about responding to come'|..especially when treats are involved. When I take him on hikes through the woods, he constantly looks back to see where I am. If he is not responding to come as well as I would like, all I have to do is to walk away from him and he is quickly at my side. He waits respectively for permission to start his meals. I walk Tigger at least two miles a day. I think he needs this exercise. He seems like he would thrive with agility training. Tigger wants to play with every dog he meets. He plays a little rougher than I would like with large dogs, but there tend to be lots of wagging tails. The big dogs keep coming back to be annoyed by little Tigger again and again. There are a couple of times that I have separated Tigger from other dogs because the play looked like it could have escalated out of the playing classification. I have been thrilled with how Tigger has moderated his behavior and made friends with smaller and older dogs. It seems to take Tigger literally about 10 minutes to get comfortable with new people. Once he gets into a human socially happy place it tends to translate from person to person. He has done beautifully in dog parks and he took treats from everyone on the sidelines when we walked in a holiday parade. Tigger needs additional training and supervision to make sure he acts appropriately when he meets new people. When I have Tigger in public, I stay aware of potential interactions. People who have come into my home and stayed for visits have all loved Tigger. Once he is comfortable with a person he remembers that the person is his friend even if the person visits a week or two later. Tigger has been living in the lap of luxury with two older dogs and two older women. He is house broken. His favorite place is on the top of sofa cushions. (I am sure he could be trained to stay off the sofa, but he currently is a sofa guy.) Tigger has much to give and deserves a loving forever home.

We will have more adoptable pups listed as they become available.  For more information on adoptable pups please see and on our PartnersCanines Facebook page.

Recent Successes:


Rose 1 19 2023.jpg

Rose has found her furever home!  Rose attended the 2023 K-9 Keg Pull and met her new family!  They actually committed to her that day! Congratulations Rose!

Janee(Gray) & Jaycee(White/Gray


Janee (Gray) and Jaycee (White/Gray), both girls, found their furever home!


Lasso 2.jpg

Lasso also found his furever home at Partners' Dogtoberfest event at Appalachian Mountain Brewery on 10/29/22! Congrats Lasso!


Oliver 11 1 2022.jpg
Oliver with new mom 11 25 22.jpg

Oliver won FAN FAVORITE at the Partners! Canines' Halloween contest and he has now found his furever home!   


Ruby and River.jpg
Ruby New Parents.jpg

Ruby has been adopted! Ruby has been in foster for a while due to having ringworm. Thanks to her fosters she is well now and has found her new forever home. Ruby being held by her new dad, and Ruby and new big brother River! 

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