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Animals Saved in 2019: 760





Appalachian Mountain Brewery

163 Boone Creek Drive, Boone NC

PARTNERS! Canines has teamed up with Providence Animal Center in Media, PA and the Augusta Regional SPCA in Staunton, VA to do a monthly life-saving program. In 2019 we have also partnered with Pets Plus Natural (HSUS Anti-puppy mill program) in Lansdale, PA, to rescue even more dogs! Twice a month (or more) we transport 10-50 dogs and puppies from the areas we support rescuing dogs to PA and VA to help alleviate stress on the animal shelters we serve. If you have any questions please email us at partnerscanines@gmail.com.
Our Transports leave from
Wilkes Veterinary Hospital
1007 2nd St, North Wilkesboro, NC

Dogs/Cats Rescued with our

Transport Program in 2019: 760

Upcoming 2019 Transport Dates (Tentative):

January 7: Providence Animal Center (completed)

January 14: Pets Plus Natural (postponed)

January 21: Augusta Regional SPCA (completed)

February 4: Providence Animal Center (completed)

February 8: Augusta Regional SPCA (completed)

February 18: Augusta Regional SPCA (completed)

February 28: Augusta Regional SPCA (completed)

March 4: Providence Animal Center (completed)

March 18: Augusta Regional SPCA (completed)

March 27: Pets Plus Natural (completed)

April 1: Providence Animal Center (completed)

April 15: Augusta Regional SPCA (completed)

April 29: Providence Animal Center (completed)

May 9: Pets Plus Natural (completed)

May 17: Augusta Regional SPCA (completed)

May 28: Providence Animal Center (completed)

June 6: Brandywine SPCA (completed)

June 17: Augusta Regional SPCA (completed)

June 24: Providence Animal Center (cancelled)

June 27: Pets Plus Natural (completed)

July 5: Brandywine SPCA (completed)

July 15: Augusta Regional SPCA (completed)

July 22: Providence Animal Center (completed)

August 19: Providence Animal Center (completed)

August 26: Augusta Regional SPCA (completed)

September 16:Providence Animal Center(completed)

September 27: Augusta Regional SPCA(completed)

October 14: Providence Animal Center(completed)

October 21: Augusta Regional SPCA

November 11: Providence Animal Center

November 22: Augusta Regional SPCA

December 9: Providence Animal Center

December 19: Augusta Regional SPCA

Our new van thanks to a grant made possible by the ASPCA! Saving even more lives!!!

PARTNERS! Canines PO Box 33, Todd, NC 28684  partnerscanines@gmail.com

With your support we can continuing saving great shelter dogs. Find out more about how your donations can make a difference. 
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Our Transport Program Is Very Grateful for Support from the Following Organizations

Meet The Team

Melissa Bahleda


Eva Hyatt

Executive Director

Judy Vincent


Cassie Russell

Vice President 


Brittany Brewer

Vice President  Transport